Sarah Plant Music
 Comedy  (Music Excerpts)

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 45. Ava Whacko (Live and cyberdance multimedia
The Ava Project)

 46. Henry on Bed

Games (Museum installation)
 48. Easy Going (Borderline Fractures, PBS)

 49. Horseshoe Crab (American Museum
   of Natural History)
 50. Shoot George-Retro Titles (Metro

Also hear: 1-Racing Daylight. 3-Cobra. 9-Borderline Fractures.
13-Perpetual Motion.
21-Peña's Accordion. 23-Alone at Last.
28-Kurt Weill's Cumbia. 38-Molecules. 41-Spider Spinning.

Compositions by Sarah Plant © 2007. All rights reserved. No use without permission.
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